Automated welding robots

technology and efficiency

Modern and reliable machines

As an innovative and dynamically developing company, we are constantly striving to expand our machine park, thanks to which we are able to meet each order reliably and efficiently.
We use modern numerically controlled CNC machines to manufacture our products. The technology used allows for precise and accurate cutting of steel elements.
Every year we expand our machine park with new positions or modernize the existing ones. Recently, FANUC welding robots have joined our machine park.

welding, machine park

The use of FANUC automated welding robots makes it possible to produce repeatable products at high speed, in a large working area, while maintaining very high accuracy, which is +/- 0.03 mm. Thanks to the robotization and automation of production processes, the productivity of the plant has been optimized, while eliminating errors.

We have a top-class compact plasma cutter STIGAL DYNAMIC X-PRO. This extremely modern device is characterized by very high dynamics and acceleration, which significantly reduces production time and costs while maintaining the highest quality of cutting.

machine park
machine park

We use CNC press brakes for precise bending of metal elements. Our model works in a range of up to 8 meters and a pressure of 600 tons. This device allows us to receive details of the desired shape in accordance with the individual preferences of the customer.

Our machine park is complemented by various types of bending machines, laser cutters, guillotines, slings, press brakes. It is also equipped with a deburring machine and a pin hole punch.

craft hall

All our craft halls are equipped with GH cranes (from 3.2 to 5.0 t) for moving large-size structures.

The company has its own means of transport in the form of trucks to transport our orders in Poland and European Union countries. One of the MAN vehicles is equipped with its own forklift, which significantly facilitates the unloading of transported materials.

transport trucks

Thanks to continuous development, we are able to make steel products quickly and precisely. Increasing the type of operations, production capacity and productivity itself are prerequisites today to remain competitive in the international market.

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