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Bicycle shelters

Shelter for bicycles by SAWO

Restrictions on car traffic in the city center, the growing number of people commuting to work by bicycle, the popularization of urban two-wheeler stations - every year we observe more and more pro-ecological trends and habits. Therefore, SAWO's offer could not lack solutions supporting the organization of parking spaces for two-wheelers. Our bike shed meets rigorous safety standards, is durable and aesthetic at the same time. Thanks to our experience and the use of the best technologies available on the market, we efficiently combine the aesthetics and functionality of all solutions used in bicycle shelter projects. Check out our projects!

Bicycle shelter - a solid construction that meets stringent safety standards

We use many high-quality materials to make a bicycle shelter: steel - to construct a stable structure, glass, trapezoidal sheet, polycarbonate - for roofing and side construction. In addition, the frame is additionally protected against the harmful effects of moisture. Thanks to this, our bicycle shelters are resistant to adverse external factors and meet stringent safety standards.

Bicycle sheds - a complementary element of your company's infrastructure

Each of our projects is not only durable, but also aesthetic, so that it can blend in with the existing infrastructure. To create a coherent space, choose a color from the available RAL palette, and we will paint the structural elements of the ordered bicycle shelter with it.

Bicycle shelters - various models

In our offer you will find several different ready-made models of bicycle shelters that have been designed according to the principles of ergonomics. There are to choose from:

You can read the exact specification of specific models on separate subpages regarding bicycle shelters. To do this, click on the photo of the selected project.
If you are unsure of your choice, please contact us. SAWO advisors will help you choose the right product or adjust the design to your individual needs.

Shelter for bicycles — manufacturer SAWO

If you need a bicycle shelter - the manufacturer SAWO offers the highest quality of its implementations. Contact the sales department and choose a model tailored to your needs. We invite!